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  4. mattybing1025:

    I have my own rules and adhere to them. The rule is simple but inflexible. A James Stewart picture must have two vital ingredients: it will be clean and it will involve the triumph of the underdog over the bully.

    —James Stewart


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  6. Speaking Of Fashion: Speaking Menswear


    This week’s podcast focused on the subject of menswear. That included the Menswear CEO Summit that took place this spring, men’s fashion publications and men’s fashion in general! Listen as Ryan M. Beshel of TheBowtieMemoirsTenisha Anderson of Qlix Magazine, and Rachel Yeomans of TheWorkingWardrobe, speak and swoon over the male wardrobe.



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  8. emmanueltjiya:

    Photographed for June W magazine by lensman Mario Sorrenti, actor Tom Hanks looks classy in a Burberry wool suit, a Tom Ford cotton shirt and a Gucci tie.


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  10. (via sharontates)